Key of David

The background of this piece is a geometric collage made from stanzas I cut out of an old hymnal. The pattern revolves around the word “Savior.” I used an acrylic paint pen to form each of the lines flowing from the silhouetted key image. This is the second piece in my line art series.

Medium: acrylic on paper covered canvas

Dimensions: 16" x 20"

Price: $250

White Feather

White birds emerge out of a white feather in this silhouette scene. I found this beautiful old door panel at a rummage sale and repurposed it as a “canvas.” This piece can be displayed either horizontally or vertically.

Medium: acrylic on an old door panel

Dimensions: nearly 10" x nearly 41"

Price: $150

Lion of Light

I created this painting during Firestarters' Winter Gathering event held in early March 2011. A white lion looks out of the painting through a rainbow of colors.

Medium: acrylic and black sharpie on canvas

Dimensions: 16" x 20"

Price: $150 SOLD

Red Revolution

An abstract red landscape is my aim with this painting. I pieced together carefully cut sections of newsprint to form a desert landscape where the cracked dry sections of land are pieces of newsprint. These are arranged in a way to create dimension, with the center line of the canvas serving as the horizon. A white sun rises in the red sky. The words “red” and “revolution” fall from above. This painting is part of my word art series. The thick, staple free, gallery style edge of the canvas means you can place the canvas directly on a wall, without a frame.

Medium: acrylic on a partially newspaper covered canvas, paper letter accents

Dimensions: 12" x 24"

Price: $300

27 White Doves

For me, this painting embodies art as worship. I started out by creating a yellow and lime green striped newspaper collage background. As the music played loudly in my living room, I started painting streaks of color along with the sounds I heard. It was freeing to create something without a specific final look in mind. I then added a few embellishments like the molding paste circles and the white doves. There are 27 of them (my favorite number!), but most people only find 26.

Medium: watercolor on newspaper covered canvas, acrylic paint, molding paste/acrylic blend accents

Dimensions: 30¾" x 46½"

Price: not for sale

Artist's Awakening

This piece is the first in a series I have best intentions to complete. My original poem, "Artist's Awakening," is hand printed on a wrinkled piece of construction paper I attached to the canvas. To read the poem, click here: Artist's Awakening.

Medium: watercolor on canvas, torn paper with ink and watercolor

Dimensions: 16" x 20"

Price: $100 SOLD


I love birds. This drawing, created with a carbon drawing pencil, captures the spunk and feistiness of one of my favorite members of the bird family.

Medium: carbon on drawing paper, white charcoal

Dimensions: 10½" x 14"

Price: $150


The painting was created during an evening of live worship with the Firestarters band and Rick Pino. In addition to just being my favorite flower in general, the dandelion holds spiritual significance. As it turns white in the fall of life, the dandelion releases life-filled seeds that will sprout up green wherever the wind carries them.

Medium: watercolor on canvas, acrylic accents

Dimensions: 24" x 35¾"

Price: not for sale

Pointillism Girl

My only completed pointillism piece (well, almost completed.) Oh, the hours I've spent on this one...

Medium: ink on drawing paper

Dimensions: 10½" x 14"

Price: not for sale

Her Hair and Tears

Pop art meets traditional subject matter. Special thanks to Brett and Carri Ann Pollard who posed for this picture. :)

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 24" x 30"

Price: $350

Prophet to the Nations

This was my first large painting ever completed. As I worked away on this piece in the corner of my college apartment, I grew giddy with excitement. This painting made me fall in love with painting.

Medium: acrylic on newspaper covered canvas, ink accents

Dimensions: 30" x 40"

Price: $500

Generation Intercession

I completed this collage painting during an evening of worship. As we prayed for our generation, I covered my hands with molding paste and metallic silver paint. I then pressed my hands onto the canvas of people.

Medium: paper on magazine covered canvas, molding paste, acrylic paint

Dimensions: 30¾" x 46½"

Price: $450

Fire Lily

I really enjoy the brilliant colors of this piece. This flower makes me happy, and I hope it does the same for you.

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 16" x 20"

Price: $200 SOLD

Read Between the Lines

The background of this piece is entirely composed of pages out of Genesis and Exodus, cut and arranged in a geometric pattern. I then used a permanent CD marker to carefully draw in the green lines. This piece is the first in a series of ink line drawings I'm working on.

Medium: ink on paper covered canvas

Dimensions: 16" x 20"

Price: $200 SOLD


What do your memories look like?

Medium: acrylic on canvas, magazine accents

Dimensions: 18" x 24"

Price: $150

Mercy is Falling

I painted this piece during a youth worship event in Bemidji, Minnesota. The green paint symbolizes life dripping over the wave of people.

Medium: acrylic on canvas, magazine accents

Dimensions: 24" x 48"

Price: $400


One of my favorite things to do as an artist is to incorporate uncommon materials into a piece of art. In this instance, I happened to be painting next to a public restroom, and found the dispenser full of brown paper towels to be just the inspiration I needed. The two large circles in this piece are painted paper towel sections.

Medium: acrylic on canvas, paper towel accents

Dimensions: 22" x 28"

Price: $250


This is an experimental piece of art composed almost entirely of ultra thin, non-glossy tissue paper. The tissue paper is layered on top of a multi-colored acrylic butterfly painting. I added a small amount of metallic silver acrylic paint to the water/matte medium mixture I used to adhere the tissue to the canvas. This gives the piece a subtle metallic sparkle in sunlight.

Medium: tissue paper on acrylic covered canvas

Dimensions: 18" x 24"

Price: $100 SOLD