I love to create.

I love to write. Other than a brief time period at age six where I announced “zoologist,” I’ve always known writing would be my life-long ambition. Writing, and encouraging other writers, gives great purpose to my life.

I am a follower of Jesus.

We have the best family and friends one could hope for. We also have Little Tuna (the cat) who we didn’t hope for, but have anyway.

I like life: people, dinner parties, falling leaves, traveling, the scent of a new book, coffee so hot it’s steaming, natural light, uprooting carrots, dreams that make you think, white birds, dark chocolate, worshipping, squirrels, star gazing, babying the cat, old photo albums, music that brings tears, laughter that hurts, and the first day snow blankets the earth each year.

Things with no place in my world: GPS, spiders, clowns, snakes, artificial strawberry flavoring, tree face art, pine needles, alarm clocks, scary movies, and words that start with a “c” spelled with a “k” for marketing impact.

I am a business owner.